Dynamic SCA

The truth is in the app

Kodem tells you the truth about what’s going on in your app by monitoring it during runtime. We see how data moves within it to expose only real risk. 
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Upgrade your application security – replace legacy SCA tools

We analyze how your application behaves throughout your SDLC and during runtime, so you know which vulnerabilities really matter. By analyzing what components are in use and how data moves within them, we expose only real risk. Something your traditional SCA tools can’t do.

Get the signal, not the noise from legacy SCA tools

Cut the noise and zero in on the real problems. We find vulnerabilities and exposures dynamically as components are loaded during runtime. Ensuring that every piece of code—whether penned by a developer or generated by an algorithm—is a building block for secure, robust applications.

Prioritize, prioritize, prioritize

We give you confidence you’re fixing the right problems. We prioritize issues and provide step-by-step remediation instructions.

Kodem promised a frictionless experience, and they delivered. The accuracy is peerless, and the value is instantaneous.

Alan Idelson
CISO, Cybereason

Layering SBOMs with runtime intelligence reduces noise and provides more accurate and actionable results.

Steve Springett
Director of Product Security, ServiceNow

The team’s unique approach represents the next generation of application security.

Asheem Chandna
Partner, Greylock

By focusing on runtime, Kodem has raised the bar for accuracy in application security.

Guy Yamen
Managing Partner, TPY Capital

We've seen substantial ROI: Kodem improves our team's efficiency and ultimately helps us deliver better applications.

Nir Rothenberg
CISO, Rapyd

Security teams ... struggle to prioritize specific security issues that should be addressed more holistically to provide optimal reduction in risk.

Dale Gardner
Sr. Director Analyst, Gartner

Kodem has redesigned and transformed software composition analysis with its cutting-edge runtime intelligence approach.

Pronay Mukherjee
BISO, Levi Strauss

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